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Subscription Questions

What does it mean to “Subscribe” to the opera?

When you “subscribe” to the Austin Lyric Opera, you are essentially purchasing Season Tickets. That means your subscription includes a ticket to each opera.

You choose the “series” you want to purchase: the Saturday night, Thursday night or Sunday matinee series. Learn more about our Series here.

Why should I subscribe?

The benefit of subscribing is not only that you are among the first to choose your seats, but you also save a significant amount of money.

For example, when you purchase three Single Tickets at the LEVEL C price for a Saturday performance, you pay $94 more than you would if you purchased Season Tickets at the LEVEL C price for Saturday night.

Here’s the math:

Saturday night, LEVEL C Single Ticket = $73 X three performances = $219.

Saturday night, LEVEL C Season Ticket for three performances = $125.

Purchasing Season Tickets saves you $94 or 41%!

Can’t attend all three operas? You can always give your tickets to a friend or donate them to your favorite charity auction.

When can I buy a subscription?

Subscriptions for an upcoming season are available at the first of each calendar year. (Seasons include three operas, one each in November, January and April.)

Current subscribers can renew their Season Tickets starting January 1 – May 5,2014,  after which any non-renewed seats are released to the public.

New subscribers are invited to purchase their Season Tickets on May 7, 2014. Season Tickets are available through November 16, 2014, the last performance of the first opera.

Single tickets and Duet tickets for any of the 2014-15 productions will be available in October 2014.

How do I purchase a subscription?

Season Tickets (subscriptions) can be purchase online or by phone. Learn more here.

When you purchase you Season Tickets/Subscription, you will first decide which day you’ll want to attend. ALO performances are on Thursday nights, Saturday nights and Sunday afternoons.

If you choose a Thursday night subscription, for example, you are then choosing to attend each of our three operas on the Thursday night performance.

How do I pick my seats?

Whether you order by phone or online, you can choose your seats – either best available or a specific seat.

Subscribers from the previous season get first choice of seats for the next season; new subscribers then choose from the remaining seats; finally people buying tickets for a single performance choose from the seats that are left.

There are approximately 2,400 seats in Dell Hall at The Long Center, where all of our performances are held.  Seats closer to the stage are more expensive but there isn’t a bad seat in the house!

As a subscriber, when will I receive my tickets?

Subscribers will receive their tickets to all three of the operas one month before the first performance. (In the 2013-14 Season, the first performance in Nov. 16; tickets will be mailed in mid-October.) If you have any other vouchers for parking, admission to the Kodosky Lounge, etc, you will also receive those vouchers at that time.

What if I can’t make it on the night of the performance I chose?

Subscribers may make exchanges for a different performance or opera up to 48 hours prior to curtain by calling the 3M Box Office at The Long Center. Exchanges are subject to availability and are limited to one exchange per subscription, per season.